Sophie/Leo Part 1

Hujambo world! That means “Hi. How are you?” in Swahili. I think. I start my classes at uni next week and Swahili is one of them! To begin my post I would like to wish my best friend and her twin brother (we’re actually non-related triplets…) the best sweet sixteen ever! Hope you guys had a wonderful two days (their birthdays are on different days!).

So whats been going on with me you ask? Haha no one is asking that, but I’ll pretend. Yesterday (Sophie’s birthday) I woke up and made her some brownies which turned out to be delicious and were gone by the end of the day. Then I hopped on the bus to downtown and got off at MCTC (Minneapolis Community Technical College). I had applied for PSEO there too but was out of town for all of the orientations and signing up for classes and all that. In the end I decided to defer my application there until next semester. The only class that I need to take (health) is full or doesn’t fit into my schedule so I guess I’ll just take it next semester.

Back at home I went to high school and had a good two hours. After school me and the birthday girl walked to her house and then just hung out doing nothing for a few hours. It was wonderful to just relax for a while. We went and picked up some Chinese take out, all the while picking up our other friend Rosie. And finally we walked to the Washburn High School Boys Varsity Soccer game! We have a friend who made the team this year and I was also very surprised by the roster. Lots of all grades its crazy! Soph and I went to sit with our old dance captain and when the game ended we were up 3-1. After the game we walked home with our friends Coletrane and Connor (the soccer player) and hung out with them for a bit.

I was about to conclude that this was a very long post and then I realized that I hadn’t even written today’s news yet! Second post :)

cheers for now!


Rose Gardens

Hello to all 0 visitors to this blog! I guess this blog is to find out more about myself anyways so i don’t really mind. Today was an awesome day! I got to sleep in for the second school day in a row since I only have 2 classes in the afternoon. Then my classes were great and I got to see an old friend who is now in high school (crazy!) shout out to Greta Goetz :) After school I was met by my boyfriend who was wonderful as always. We walked home then rode our bikes to a nearby park/rose garden. With such beautiful weather and him still out of school it was nice to spend some time together outside. All we did was lay down a blanket, put on some music, and talk for a few hours but it was great! Back at home he met my little sister for the first time since she and I had been out of town and she was awkward around him but she’s 13, can she help it?

The best thing though was I went online to the University of Minnesota’s student groups page and searched for one of the only groups I want desperately to join and they had one! Yay to the University Quidditch League!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to play for them! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having a fast 16 year old on their team…whatever I’m a student at the U so they’ll have to find another reason not to let me play. Possibly having my birthday dinner on Saturday about 25 days late but hey, its better now than never, right?

Have a nice rest of your night!

stay classy.

Hello World!

I’ve tried blogging before and couldn’t really keep up with the consistency… But this time I really am going to try hard! A little bit about myself and this blog:My name is Elliane Croce and I’m a sixteen year old high school student. This year I am attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities through a program called PSEO (or Post Secondary Enrollment Options).

As a newly permitted driver, middle child of 7, and confused teenager my life can be surprisingly boring. I expect this first semester to be pretty hectic and busy though, which brings around the purpose of this blog. NatGeoCutter will be a place for me to tell you, the world, about the inside scoop on early college life, mixed with high school life, with some fashion and maybe music mixed in there. When thinking about my future, college (real college i mean…) and stuff, I have no clue what I plan on doing; hopefully this blog might help me find out a little more about myself, and the world around me!

stay classy.