MacBook Pro? MacBook Air?

So I wake up this morning and realize for the billionth time that this computer is (excuse my censored language) poop. I decided I need to get a MacBook Air before I start uni tomorrow and go on a search. Of course I find the perfect one, I get in touch with the owner and am about to set up a time to go get it, and he tells me he sold it. Grrrrr. Then I find another perfect one on and my dad goes and looks up their reliability and turns out it’s a scam. Okay so day ruined, no new laptop for Ellie.
Then I head over to Urban Outfitters (yes, yes I know I need to stop shopping, but I was going with my sister to get her some TOMS) and the Apple Store in Uptown. What do I find at Urban?! A pair of BDG Blue High Waist Skinny Jeans for $9.99. That plus my 40% discount makes my purchase a grand total of $5.99. AND I returned a pair of shorts so technically, my trip to Urban Outfitters today was a profit, and not a loss. Kinda.

At the Apple store that was closed but they helped us anyways, my mom’s computer was not fixed but an appointment was made. I on the other hand learned from an “Expert” (this is one of the titles at the store. The people who fix problems are called “Geniuses” hehe) that contrary to what the U of M tech store guy told me, a MacBook Air is NOT the best computer for a student. The MacBook Pro is what he would recommend. So now I am stuck on my first problem of buying a new laptop.

Comment with your WHY!

stay classy.


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