I guess my birthday is in September now…

Today was a very busy day! I set off this morning to the state fair with one half of my family and played around there until about 3. I had so much food it’s not even funny…a cheeseburger, a jumbo root beer (for those of you who know me, it was an exception!), some cheese curds, a peach, lots of sweet martha’s cookies, and of course, milk with those cookies. But what can I say? It’s the state fair! And it only happens once a year.
For dinner my entire family (minus two sisters) and the boyfriend (whom I will not name until he lets me know that that’s cool) went over to Pepito’s for some Mexican deliciousness. After that we were joined by Sophie, ate some red velvet cake and opened the few presents I had left to open. Of course I loved and appreciated all of them :) And I finally got that new wallet I have been looking for to fit all my new cards and stuff! We topped the night off with some Mario Cart and Over the Hedge. Who doesn’t love a little Dreamworks?

Short post tonight, I’ve got a bike ride and picnic tomorrow to look forward to!



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