Sophie/Leo Part 1

Hujambo world! That means “Hi. How are you?” in Swahili. I think. I start my classes at uni next week and Swahili is one of them! To begin my post I would like to wish my best friend and her twin brother (we’re actually non-related triplets…) the best sweet sixteen ever! Hope you guys had a wonderful two days (their birthdays are on different days!).

So whats been going on with me you ask? Haha no one is asking that, but I’ll pretend. Yesterday (Sophie’s birthday) I woke up and made her some brownies which turned out to be delicious and were gone by the end of the day. Then I hopped on the bus to downtown and got off at MCTC (Minneapolis Community Technical College). I had applied for PSEO there too but was out of town for all of the orientations and signing up for classes and all that. In the end I decided to defer my application there until next semester. The only class that I need to take (health) is full or doesn’t fit into my schedule so I guess I’ll just take it next semester.

Back at home I went to high school and had a good two hours. After school me and the birthday girl walked to her house and then just hung out doing nothing for a few hours. It was wonderful to just relax for a while. We went and picked up some Chinese take out, all the while picking up our other friend Rosie. And finally we walked to the Washburn High School Boys Varsity Soccer game! We have a friend who made the team this year and I was also very surprised by the roster. Lots of all grades its crazy! Soph and I went to sit with our old dance captain and when the game ended we were up 3-1. After the game we walked home with our friends Coletrane and Connor (the soccer player) and hung out with them for a bit.

I was about to conclude that this was a very long post and then I realized that I hadn’t even written today’s news yet! Second post :)

cheers for now!


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