Sophie/Leo Part 2

Today was also lots of fun just like yesterday! It was Leonardo’s birthday and although I didn’t get to see him I’m almost positive he got my telepathic message. This morning I got to go to the uni campus with my mom. We walked to all of my classes and found where all the rooms are such. Then we crossed the river on the very handy pedestrian bridge to visit my step dad Evan in the Physics building. Before returning to the West Bank the two of us stopped at the union bookstore to get my one remaining book and check out all the beautiful laptops. I have now been swayed to the MacBook air and not the MacBook pro. Any thoughts on this all my wonderful imaginary viewers? Macbook Air or Pro? Why? I have to start saving my money either way…This evening I went with my family (it’s quite extensive but there were only 6 of us) to the Guthrie Theater to see Sunshine Boys. I’ll admit it was funny, but the rest of them seemed to enjoy it more than I did. Taking pictures though, now that was fun! And finally to end the night we went for desert at Sea Change, the wonderful restaurant at the theater.

Its late so I’ll let all you go.

stay classy.


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