Rose Gardens

Hello to all 0 visitors to this blog! I guess this blog is to find out more about myself anyways so i don’t really mind. Today was an awesome day! I got to sleep in for the second school day in a row since I only have 2 classes in the afternoon. Then my classes were great and I got to see an old friend who is now in high school (crazy!) shout out to Greta Goetz :) After school I was met by my boyfriend who was wonderful as always. We walked home then rode our bikes to a nearby park/rose garden. With such beautiful weather and him still out of school it was nice to spend some time together outside. All we did was lay down a blanket, put on some music, and talk for a few hours but it was great! Back at home he met my little sister for the first time since she and I had been out of town and she was awkward around him but she’s 13, can she help it?

The best thing though was I went online to the University of Minnesota’s student groups page and searched for one of the only groups I want desperately to join and they had one! Yay to the University Quidditch League!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to play for them! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having a fast 16 year old on their team…whatever I’m a student at the U so they’ll have to find another reason not to let me play. Possibly having my birthday dinner on Saturday about 25 days late but hey, its better now than never, right?

Have a nice rest of your night!

stay classy.


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